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Title:Buy Natural aquamarine gemstones Online
Category:Family Home: Marriage
Description:Buy Natural aquamarine gemstones Online Aquamarine is a dreamy gemstone that is light blue or greenish-blue in appearance. It derives its name from the combination of two Latin words that mean water of the sea. The color of this gemstone is a perfect reflection of a sea, and it evokes the same calm and deeper emotions in its bearers just like the sea would on its onlookers. Although discovered in 1723, the stone was used by ancient Greeks and Romans to be blessed by the true spirit of the sea during their seafaring journey. The crystal belongs to the Beryl mineral family and is often referred to as the queen of Beryl. The crystal being blue is known for its calming and soothing energy. Ancient Greeks believed that their god Poseidon himself created a quagmire and so believed that it could calm the waves of great seas themselves. Their sailors wore it as talismans and amulets to ensure safe passage. It is called the Stone of Courage. Visit us :
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