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Title:Java is a famous object oriented and class based program
Description:JAVA Java is a famous object oriented and class based programming language where we can execute many statements. Maximum industries used java programming language because of, the complied code can run in the all platforms in simple words java is an independent programming developed by James gosling in 1995. He is also known as father of the java. In 1991 James and his team members start the project called oak which is the old name of the java and finally its released in 1995 and named as java. These are main features of the java programming language • Simple • Secure • Architecture-neutral • Portable • Robust • Multithreaded • Independent platform • Object oriented Java allows in simple method for developer can write code and use the code. It is very easy to use, write and debug programming. Its simple syntax made easy to understand the is a simple and object oriented and high level programming language. These are main reason for why java used by many industries o . Object-oriented programming o High- language with simple syntax and a mild learning curve o Standard for enterprise computing o Shortage of security risks o Platform-independency (Write Once Run Anywhere) o Distributed language for easy remote collaboration
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Meta Description:Java is a famous object oriented and class based program
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