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Title:Khichdi, Recipe, Ingredients, Calories in Dal Khichdi
Category:Vacation and Travel
Description:Be it the first solid food used to feed the babies, comfort food in sickness, or go-to food when you are out of vegetables at home, Khichdi is a versatile South Asian cuisine made of rice and lentils and made aromatic flavourful with spices. Made in other variations with bajra and moong dal and sabudana (sago) during the fasts in North/Northwest Hindu families, Khichdi has been a part of the Indian food culture from several millennials. Khichdi is known with the same in Kerala, a similar kind of dish is prepared in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh known as Pongal, while the Kannadigas prepare Huggi with moong dal Bisibelebhath. Khichdi is a salty porridge that can be made even more healthy and delicious by adding some vegetables such as potato, cauliflower, broccoli, or spinach to it.
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