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Title:Lat Pull Down Machine For Home Gym From
Category:Fitness Health
Description:PERFECT FOR HOME GYMS – Our weight lifting ceiling mounted pull down cable machine can be fit onto a wooden support beam, or even a concrete ceiling (please ensure your ceiling is fit for our cable machine before fitting) BUILT FROM HEAVY DUTY STEEL – Our ceiling mounted cable machine has been constructed using only the highest quality materials, this includes heavy duty steel for both the base and the weight plate holder, as well as reinforced metal for the pulleys! Suitable for lat pulldowns and biceps workout exercises IDEAL FOR VARIOUS STRENGTH TRAINING EXERCISES – You can use our ceiling mounted pulley cable machine to perform lat pulldowns, triceps extensions, cable crossovers, etc. INSTALLATION: Holes need to be punched in the wall during installation and fixed with expansion screws. For convenient and better use. Whether you’re trying to build bigger arms, legs, or back, this ceiling mounted cable machine will allow you to perform lat pull downs, triceps extensions, and leg pull downs. Ideal for a home gym, as it can be fit onto a wooden support beam, or solid concrete ceiling. Fixing kit included.
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Meta Description:Only for use with very sturdy ceilings. Typical exercises include: Triceps and biceps training. Back strengthening. Abdominal workout. Neck and shoulder workout.
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