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Title:Wall Mounted 14-in-1 Home Gym Cable Crossover Machine From Artecue
Category:Fitness Health
Description:wall mount cable machine provides the opportunity to incorporate strength training with the use of a cable system in your home or commercial gym. With 14 vertical positions, you are able to perform bicep curls, triceps extensions, shoulder presses, reverse flies, squats, lunges, ab crunches, chest presses, rows, single arm rows, pull throughs, face pulls, and many more.
Meta Keywords:fitness equipment,gym,exercise,workout,
Meta Description:Homegym is suitable for 14 exercises which includes Lat Pulldown, Close Grip Pulldown, Straight arm pulldown, Tricep Pulldown, Tricep upper head, Triccep V Pulldown, Bicep curl, Seated rowing, Seated V rowing, Up rowing, Up V rowing, Chest Press.
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